Tunnel Vision…Who are you?

Sometimes you can be working diligently and are still not be effective.  The reason is when we get in a “zone”, we tend to have tunnel vision.  Once we get out, those on the “outside” tell us their view of what we were doing.  Sometimes our intentions don’t match up with what was happening in reality.  After writing and self-publishing my first book, I was able to talk to people about their experiences in life and how the book has brought them to the realization that there is just more life to live!  But, what I kept hearing from people is “What about you? What’s your story”  I thought to myself, “My story is not that moving or involved.  I don’t even have much to tell.”  The truth about it is, I DO have a story to tell.  I do have more to share, but I’ve been in tunnel vision for a while. I’ve been focused on being, having, and doing more instead of sharing.  So, I’ve decided on these blog posts I will make a point to tell you more about me each time.  I will share my story in order to help others starting today…

I’m a writer! I always have been. I remember having a notebook in elementary school where I wrote all my poetry. Unlike most, I loved it when it was time to write sentences, paragraphs, and essays.  I just felt comfortable there.  By the time I was in high school, I had one of the hardest English teachers alive, and I was so glad.  She encouraged me to bring out more of my thoughts on paper, so I did.  I went through some things as a teen that would have made no sense coming out of my mouth. Love, hurt, depression, hatred, questions about sexual orientation…It looked much better on paper!  I wrote every day.  I kept that notebook until I misplaced it in 2014. (I don’t think that was an accident!) Poetry, short stories, books, songs…whatever I could.  After high school and into college, God continued to bless me with some of the best and most honest English teachers I could come across.  It was amazing.  He was definitely setting me up for something big.

What is it that you KNOW about yourself?  If someone asked you, “Who are you?”  Of course there would be many parts to that answer, but what’s one you can be SURE of?  For me, I’m sure I am a writer. Take some time this week and just think about that.  Have you had tunnel vision so much that you lost sight of who YOU are?  I’d love to hear from you…



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